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Whats new for me in 2024


I've been trying to better myself, in various fields of either; self development or business development. Now the 2023 De-clutter, has given me more time, I'm all over it ! Well that was the plan, wasn't it

At the end of 2023 , i made sure id got dates booked in my diary, for new courses. Things i want to do. Things that make me happy

Using the word No, or rather "ill check my diary and get back to you "is getting easier. Yes I've lapsed a couple of times, (and its only February) but Im only human. I've got the time to sit and write, create and study. These are my things i love doing.

The new boundaries ive set in place, are working. Unfortunately, some people look at you as a friend, rather than a business and think your time is free or even worse; "get a proper job"

What has gone in and what goes into running my business, has been a labour of love, expense and blooming hard work. Most people dont even realise or care, that behind the scenes, a lot has to happen before and after an appointment, class or workshop. I suppose why should they, i make it look so effortless.

My point is; without setting boundaries, people will continue to take. Whether it be time, free information or help. And .......actually think you own them that !

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