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Fundraising and subsidised places 

What if you could make a difference ?

My dearest friends and clients.

I love the flowers, the chocolates, the cards and the gifts you bring me to say thank you. From my heart to yours, it’s very much appreciated. Every present, gift, card and thought, humbles me with gratitude

However, id like to put your generosity to better use. With your help

You see, your flowers die after a week or two. Your chocolate puts pounds on my hips and your cakes are so delicious I’m getting fatter

With respect - This is not the best use of your hard-earned money

What if

- you spend that hard-earned money differently?

- your tip

- your spare £1

- your beautiful flowers of £3 £5 £10 or more

- your 99p card

could support and subsidise a person who can’t afford counselling, a course, a treatment or therapy to -

~ learn meditation and de stress

~ to have a coffee & natter session and offload

~ to have counselling

~ to change their life around

~ to have a massage and alleviate the pain from arthritis, lymphedema or MS and be able to move a little easier?

Think about it, what if….. your donation went towards a session, for someone to talk to me, who left a little lighter and reassured, instead of taking their life

Your gesture could subsidise that help. Would you think that’s a better use of your hard-earned money?

Yes, I love flowers and appreciate your gesture, generosity and thoughtfulness

but what if you can help another instead?

I personally would prefer this to flowers, gifts or anything. It would mean a lot to me

You see, id rather forgo your beautiful gifts and help someone in need

And it really doesn't matter if it’s 50p a £1 or more. What matters is, That it all adds up

I’m also selling a number of household goods, books and other items, on FaceBook Marketplace to raise further funds and help more people


Why? Because I don’t really need "stuff," i'm happy to live a little lighter.

I'd rather make a difference, And this is the reason for the Gofundme page

Thank you very much for reading

With kind regards, Rusty from Eternal Aquarius

Woodville, Swadlincote, Derbyshire

Subsidised places

Reach out  - If i can help i will

With the support of fundraising efforts,

I may be able to offer you a subisdised or free place 

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