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Aromatherapy Oil
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Welcome to our Shop

Available at Eternal Aquarius are also A selection of 

Crystals (Tumble stones and natural crystals)

Dowsing Pendulums

Angel Cards

Incense and incense holders 

Gift Vouchers



I have a great selection of tumble stones and raw crystals in stock. These are being updated and added to frequently

Crystals and their energy really need to be felt and handled, to find what works for you  

Should you wish to  make an appointment to view and discuss your crystal needs,  you'll be made very welcome 

Why not make an appointment now, to view our crystals

Pricing starts at £2.00

Pendulums at Eternal Aquarius .jpg

Dowsing Pendulums

Dowsing pendulums are a great asset to your spiritual journey.  But like any tool its personal to you

You REALLY DO need to "Try before you buy". I can’t emphasise this enough

Buying from a picture is one thing, but really getting in touch with its energy, is another

Should you wish to trial the pendulums and find one that's right for you, you're more than welcome 

Why not make an appointment now, to view and trial our pendulums?

Pricing starts at £10.00

Angel Oracle and Tarot Cards

I've a number of Angel oracle card decks and Tarot decks to purchase 

Pricing starts at £12.00


Incense sticks and holders

'for those of you who like their incense. Ive a selection of incense sticks and holders to purchase 

Pricing starts at £3.00

gift-vouchers at Eternal Aquarius-.jpg

Gift Vouchers

 No matter what the occasion , Gift vouchers are a great gift

Why not purchase a gift voucher for someone you care about, giving them a well needed time out to relax 

Available in multiples of £5.00

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