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Back Pain Info and help

Updated: May 1

Throughout our lives, we tend to feel some kind of back pain. Whether it be :

  • work related

  • posture

  • general wear and tear

  • hobbies, gardening, diy etc

  • age related

  • and or stress

Clearly, a regular massage, will really help

A number of my clients book in exactly for these reasons. Some of them like their appointment every 3 weeks, once a month or 6 weekly. Others, when their able to fit it in between shifts or a busy schedule

As a therapist, I myself, need a massage every day - Surprised?

Believe me, when your leaning over your clients to massage, sat for long periods of time teaching or at my laptop, doing accounts, socials and paperwork, my back really knows about it


Our postures, from desk work. leaning over, looking down, sitting incorrectly, plays a huge part in back pain.

I noticed more and more of this, after lock down and now with hybrid working

Check how your sitting / leaning over, at your place of work, especially if you're working from home

Adjust your work space -

  • sit at a desk or table, rather than the sofa

  • sit properly - with your bottom on the seat , rather than with on leg underneath

  • raise your laptop/screen - screen should be at eye height

  • get up and stretch, every hour - set an alarm if you need to


Stress also takes its toll on our backs. Many of us, store our stress, in various areas of our backs. Whether it be tensing our shoulders, thus putting pressure on our lower backs

Clenching our teeth and jaws, which then tenses the muscles in our neck. Then in time, down to our shoulders. Sometimes leading upwards, to stress related headaches

  • take a time out for yourself

  • set boundaries and stick to them

  • tidy space tidy mind - you may need a de-clutter. (see my blog on de-cluttering)

whether it be at home or in the office - stuff is clutter

Injuries, sprains, ailments

Where our body has to "over-compensate" for other injuries or ailments. Your back hips and various other parts of your body, then start to over compensate. Frequently leading to various forms of back pain

Check how you hold yourself, walk, sit, lie, since having any kind of injury/sprain/ailment

What can you do for yourself, in between your massage appointment?

Lower Back Exercises

Lying flat on the floor with your knees bent across a chair base or top. (dependent on the height of the chair) Note that the height is very important. Your legs must be at the right angle. It may be easier if you try this against a wall (you can walk your legs up or down, to the correct height)

And there is the Cow Cat Pose

A gentle routine alternating between the cow and cat pose. Holding each for around 5 seconds then very very slowly, alternating back to the other. Repeated a few times

You'll find these are in fact yoga positions. A lot of physios recommend them to clients, as part of their recovery process. I know mine did, when my back gave way a number of years ago (at the time i hadn't realised they were yoga poses , he just gave me "strengthening exercises" to do. The above, were two of them)

So maybe a regular yoga class would work for you too?

Hand held or Pillow Massager

You'll have seen or maybe even have, a hand held massager of some kind. They are good, if someone is willing and patent enough, to use it on you.

When your using it yourself, you cant always reach, twist, hold or get to your point of discomfort. So like many other gadgets, they're dismissed to the back of a cupboard, or left to collect dust

I personally have a pillow massager. Actually that's utter rubbish. I have 3

I use mine in between clients after ive stretched to straightened up, ready for my next client. They have a band that wraps around my dining room chair for ease.

Shakti Mat

Now you're probably wondering about a shakti mat and why would anyone, want to willingly lie on spikes!

Seriously, Try it. Borrow one, get a cheep one from a second hand selling site and actually use it . Dont dismiss it after 1 go

At first its the funniest feeling. It's like acupuncture for your whole body

I love my shakti mat. Mine was an Aldi special buy.

I honestly chuck it on my bed, lie on it in my pjs. After around 20 mins throw it out, rollover and go to sleep.

Although it is usual for me to fall asleep on it and let it wiggle itself out, during the night !

Through out the day I use all of them. Sometimes together in combinations, some more then others. I have to. It's part of my job, to look after my back, my posture and my own well being

But this is just me and how I do things

I wont insult you by saying "don't try any of these; if you've pulled a muscle, slipped a disk, require Dr's approval first or are under hospital supervision" I'm sure you're not that stupid

It's worth booking in for a regular massage and looking after your back

........And believe it or not, I'm sat with my pillow massager on, whilst whilst typing this blog!

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