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Laughter, Music and Beonce

As a therapist, music plays a big part in my therapy's, for relaxation and ambiance. It also plays a big part, in other aspects of my life too

I've playlists for blending with spirit & meditation and playlists for throwing myself round the lounge for a laugh, you'd probably call it dancing. The radio is always on in my house and car, and singing along, out of tune, is a must.

Recently i heard, a partial part of a song on the radio. Wondering if we'd suddenly entered a new Musical genre or phase. During my time is gone from punk to electric synth, new romantics to trance dance, boy bands to rap, to whatever.... and now I'm hearing country and western, loud and proud on my radio station of choice On my usual search of Utube, where i have even more playlists, this country style song is Beyonce. Needless to say i have to have good mooch about. Watch the official video, the lyric video, the dance move video and a few others. I wasn't only surprised, as i don't keep up with specific artists, but quite delighted.

Then there's the laughter part

Queen B has also covered Dolly Partons' Jolene, albeit with a change in some of the lyrics. Its good, but its the comments, that had me in tears of laughter

These tears of laughter reminded me of, the other video ive seen her do, with Justin Timberlake. A spoof on her track, single ladies

What im trying to say is; we seam to spend a lot of time being serious, maybe through work and other aspects of our lives. We really do need to lighten up, laugh and dance

Its not only good for our well being but good for our soul.

Isn't it time to lighten up?

When was the last time you

  • let your hair down

  • flung yourself round the lounge, danced till you dropped

  • Laughed till you cried, couldn't breathe and your tummy was hurting

Take the time to do what makes you laugh, dance, be happy ........ and do it !

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