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Lets Talk Mental Health 


It’s so important to reach out, if your anxiety and depression is taking its toll. There’s no need to suffer alone, when I can help

Some of us just feel at a low point and need some direction

 Some of us are helped with prescribed medication

Some of us are at breaking point, thinking there's no place to turn

We all need to talk, be heard and understood

Reach out and lets talk

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Coffee & Natter

There are times in our lives we all need someone to talk to.

But we cant always talk to friends or family about it  

We need a non judgmental (outsider) listener and helper

Maybe you require some guidance along a new path, maybe a good cry

Maybe some help and advice 

Maybe some pointers of how to deal with anxiety, stress or worry 

Maybe to pinpoint where this is all coming from,  in order to make some changes towards a happier place 

Join me for a coffee and natter, lets get it off your chest.

Make some positive changes.

Explore your options.

Move forward in your own time and space 

Whatever it may be don't bottle it up.  Lets move to a brighter future together

Consultation 1 hour £35.00

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Meditation For Mental Health

What better way to take care of your Mental Health and Emotional Well Being, than with Meditation

This course isn’t just about Meditation. It will give you tools to help, advice to guide and most of support with your Mental Well being

Learn how to find inner calm and enjoy the benefits meditation has to offer.  Take a time out to unwind and relax 

These meditation techniques, give you pointers and information, along with help and guidance in learning how to meditate

Leaving you with an array of abilities that help you with your Mental Health

These can be used to practice at home to keep you calm and relaxed

For de-stressing after a bad day

Helping to deal with emotional day to day occurrences

Other benefits of learning meditation:-
Leads to a much deeper level of relaxation
Better sleeping patterns
Reduces Anxiety
Reduces Panic attacks
Reduces Depression
Stress Release
Ability to deal more calmly, in tense situations

So why not join, de stress and alleviate the pressures of modern day life

with this 8 week Online or in person course of 1 hour guided meditations

This course is for beginners or those new to meditation
Written guided and delivered by Rusty Wallis at Eternal Aquarius

Course £45.00

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