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Massage Table

Massage & Holistic Treatments 

Taking care of you 

Only you can make your well being a priority

Enjoy that much needed, interruption, free time

Put your body mind and soul first

with a restorative soothing treatment

And boost your energy, to alleviate the pressures of modern day life

Spa treatment room


Back Shoulder & Neck Massage

Where we concentrate on the back, neck and shoulder areas only

Applying pressure to the mussels, elevating tension, helping to soothe & release tight, sore muscles         

45 minutes     £35.00

1 hour £40.00

Gua Sha Facial Massage

A very slow and gentle Massage of the Facial Lymphatic System. Which supports your skins natural detoxifying process. A wonderful treatment that promotes your well being and a great time out to relax

45 minutes to 1 hour  £35.00

Hot or Cold Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is a unique variant of massage therapy. It employs heated stones to release physical tension and calm the nervous system.

The stones warmth and weight help the recipient focus more intently on the massage, 

Back Shoulders & Neck Only  45 Mins   £35.00

Full Body 1 hour  £40.00

Pregnancy Massage  

Pampering for the Mum to Be 

Lets alleviate your aches, pains and everyday stresses that pregnancy can have on your body 

Allow me to pamper you and get you ready for

the arrival of your bundle of joy

Back Shoulder & Neck Massage £35.00

Full Body Massage £40.00

Back shoulder Neck Massage at Eternal Aquarius.jpg

Classic Swedish Body Massage

A Full Body Massage

Including Back, shoulders & neck,

arms and hands, legs and feet  

Elevating tension, helping to soothe & release tight, sore muscles.  Deeply relaxing from head to toe

1 hour      £40.00

Arm and Hand Massage at Eternal Aquarius
Gua Sha Facial at Eternal Aquarius.png
Eternal Aquarius Hot stone massage.jpg
Himalayan Salt Stone Massage at Eternal Aquarius.jpg
Pregnancy Massage at Eternal Aquarius.jpg
Pedicure at Eternal Aquarius

Hand & Arm Massage

Extremely beneficial to our modern life, with many of us suffering from Repetitive Strain Injury,

Carpel Tunnel,  wear and tear on the tendons and ligaments 

This massage helps reduce muscle fatigue, relieve everyday aches and pains and encourages joint mobility

45 minutes   £30.00

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Our Exclusive, unique Signature Himalayan Salt Stone Massage, uses warm or cold,  salt crystal stones. to soothe away stress and tension. It’s grounding properties help to improve sleep and balance the Central Nervous System. Thus promoting an increased sense of well-being

Back Shoulders & Neck £40.00

Full Body 1 hour £45.00

Thai Foot Massage

A wonderful Massage of the lower legs and feet

 Thai Foot Massage involves hands on stretching and massage along the leg, ankle and foot ,

with the stimulation of reflex points

45 minutes     £30.00

Holistic Treatments

Ear Piercing

Carried out by a Qualified, Fully Trained and Insured Therapist, who is registered with South Derbyshire District Council, under the Environmental Health Organisation,

As required by Law

We Only use gold plated earrings in a sterile disposable capsule system. This ensures the earrings themselves are not handled by our customers or the therapist - further details on the

Ear piercing page

£ 12.00 for 1 Ear

£ 20.00 for 2 Ears

Eternal Aquarius Ear piercing logo.JPG
Thai Foot Massage at Eternal Aquarius
Hopi Ear Candling At Eternal Aquarius .jpg

Hopi Ear Candling

Thermal Auricular Therapy (also known as Hopi Ear Candling) is a pleasant & none-invasive treatment of the ears

The Ear Candles, induce a revitalising heat upon the head & ears which soothes & calms. Which aids relieving sinuses, balance, ear pain issues, cleaning out excessive and or compacted wax.

Treatment is started and finished with a lovely ear and facial massage

(sinus and lymphatic drainage massage)     

45 minutes          £30.00

Navel Candling At Eternal Aquarius.jpg
Feet Rejuvinate at Eternal Aquarius


are also available

for multiple treatments


Both treatments must be taken consecutively

Excludes Stone Massages 

Feet Rejuvenate For Hard Skin

Unable to reach your feet or manage?

Fed up of the hard skin 

Lets get your feet back to their softer self

A super long full foot soak and hard skin removal

Toe nails shaped and filed

Clear polish optional

1 hour  £30.00

Navel Candling

A hollow herbal candle is lighted and placed in the belly-button.  The burning process through the navel opening stimulates the ovary functions, benefiting ovary maintenance, which is very effective in improving menstrual disorders & menstrual pains. 

During the candling process, a gentle and relaxing massage with warm orange oil, is carried out around abdominal area.

This aids with circulation and assists with the dispelling of toxins

 45 minutes      £30.00 

Full Pedicure

Come along to give your feet the treatment they  Deserve. With a foot soak and hard skin removal

Toe nails shaped & filed, with a choice of Nail paint    


Mini Pedicure (excludes soak & Hard skin removal)


File and Clip only £15.00

Massage Table

Pamper Parties
Your Great Evening in, 
for a relaxing time out

Spa treatment room


Why not get your friend’s together for an evening of pampering

Our Pamper Treatments to choose from


Angelic Crystal Healing Treatment    ~    Back Shoulder Neck Massage

Chakra Balancing    ~   Crystal Healing Treatment

Gua Sha Facial    ~     Hand and Arm Massage     

Reiki Healing Treatment    ~    Thai Foot massage

Pedicure Including clear toe polish

Full Foot pamper including hard skin removal and toe polish extra £5.00

Hopi Ear Candling (Thermal Auricular Therapy) is a fixed price of £30.00

Navel Candling (Tummy Candling)is a fixed price of £30.00

Decide which treatments you would like and how long for

20 mins per person £25.00

30 mins Per Person £30.00

45 Mins Per person £35.00

Or choose half and half  For example 10 mins Reiki + 10 mins Massage

Your Great Evening in,  for a relaxing time out

All sizes of pamper parties catered for 

Massage Table

Time to

Spa treatment room
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