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Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy Meditation
Baby Massage Classes

Pampering for the Mum to Be  

Let me help alleviate your aches, pains

and everyday stresses

that pregnancy can have on your body 

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Pregnancy Massage

Allow me to relax and pamper you . Getting you ready for the arrival of your bundle of joy.  If you also wish to have your toes filed and painted, just let me know. I can do that for you too 

Back Shoulder & Neck 45 minutes   £35.00

Full Body Massage £40.00

Pregnancy Pamper Package

if you're feeling totally worn out and heavy with pregnancy.

Come a relax for a couple of hours, with our 2 Hour Pregnancy Package

Package I

Back Shoulder and Neck Massage
Full Pedicure & Nail Polish

Package II
Back Shoulder and Neck Massage
Reiki Treatment

Package III
Back Shoulder and Neck Massage
Leg & Foot Massage


Pamper Package £55.00

Baby Toes

Pregnancy Meditation

Happy Baby

Come along, relax, de stress and alleviate the pregnancy pressures, for a more calmer journey, during your pregnancy.

With this 8 week course of 1 hour guided meditations

Aim of this course:
By using guided visualisation Meditation, we wish to give you useful techniques to relax, unwind and de-stress during pregnancy and prior to labour.  But also to give you nurtured time and space, to connect with your baby(s)

To give you the tools to use during your pregnancy, so when your labour starts, you're able to stay in a calmer state, better for you and baby

This enables your oxytocin levels to increase (happy hormones) and your anxiety/Adrenalin levels down (sad hormones)

The Meditations and techniques, will also give you pointers and information, along with help and guidance in learning how to meditate, Leaving you with an array of abilities
These can be used to practice at home to keep enable you to feel more calmer and relaxed during your pregnancy and prior to labour

Or just coming along once a week to have a relaxing "Time out" and "Me time"

Other benefits of Meditation
- Helping with better sleeping patterns
- Enjoying your connecting with your baby
- Meet other like-minded mums-to-be due in your area
~ Leads to a much deeper level of relaxation
~ Reduces Anxiety

Leaving you and your bump, with a lovely feel good factor

This 8 Week course is payable in advance,  Price £ 45.00   

Group setting - one to one - online classes are available 

Baby Toes

Baby Massage

One to One


Happy Baby

Baby Massage is great to sooth, bond and recognise your little ones needs.

These wonderful baby massage classes, are suitable for Mums and Dads, as well as grandparents, and friends
The classes are interactive, informative and very relaxing

Attending the classes has many benefits, including

 Focused & Bonding time with your Baby(s)

• Help relive colic and constipation

• Promotes sleep

• Stimulates and strengthens your baby’s immune system

• Is the perfect preparation for coordinating movement and mobility

• Develops your confidence in your ability, to handle your baby(s)

So come along and learn a wonderful top to toe baby massage 


There are 4 classes

These can be covered in 1 day course

or over a 4 week consecutive period

Whichever you feel is most suitable for you  


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Spa treatment room
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