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Ear Piercing

Are you Looking to have your Ears Pierced?  Without the high street hassle?    Then look no further

This procedure is Carried out by a Qualified, Fully Trained and Insured Therapist, who is registered with South Derbyshire District Council, under the Environmental Health Organisation, As required by Law 

We Only use gold plated earrings in a sterile disposable capsule system. This ensures the earrings themselves are not handled by our customers or the therapist 

Located in an established private and relaxing Therapy Room where you can be sure of a professional practice.

Offering comfortable surroundings. An Environment extremely suitable for younger children and adults alike. 

We specialise in catering for children and adults, with Special Needs, ADHD, Fears and phobias etc.

If you were lucky enough to be born with an extra chromosome, you are very very welcome 

Just let us know your needs, and we will do our utmost to assist

If you were lucky enough to be born with that wonderful extra Chromosome,   you are very very welcome

Please be assured that should your child have a "moment", you are in a safe calm and none judgmental environment.  

As an adult, if your fear or phobia is having your ears pierced, but its something you want to overcome and have done. We will take as much time as necessary, with compassion and support

Children under 18 MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian for consent 

Your appointment will be for 1/2 hr which we are happy to extend if you do require more time for your or your child's need

£ 12.00 for 1 Ear

£ 20.00 for 2 Ears

Includes before and after care and a Free Bottle of Ear lobe Cleansing solution

We are unable to pierce a child’s ears under 7 years of age 

Please be advised If you are under 18

You must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for consent

If you are lucky enough to look under 18 we will require photographic proof of identification

We have very high standards and a reputation to uphold

  • This can be in the form of a Passport

  • Driving licence with photograph

  • Proof of age identity card

  • If you cannot prove this, we have the right to refuse you this service

If you have signed a consent form with fraudulent information, for example your age - You have agreed to waive any legal rights for reimbursement of costs or a claim

Over 7 but under 16

We advise that any child is made fully aware of what the procedure entails before the appointment takes place

Should teddy, dolly or action man wish to come along and watch or see what it’s like first. They will be made very welcome – adults that also applies to you!

Should the rest of the family also wish to attend. You are also welcome We would ask you to stay in the rest area

If you’re bringing your wonderful brood with you. Please be assured, they can stay and play in the rest area too. Where they will be safe and comfortable. Please just bring some toys

We reserve the right not to pierce a child’s ears, if we feel the child is unhappy or distressed in any way, prior or during the treatment.  However if half way through the treatment your child changes his or her mind, we will stop immediately , no questions asked and book you in,  for another time in the future

We regret that we are unable to pierce a child’s ears who is under 7 years of age


Medical conditions and medication

Should you have or have had and of the following conditions exist or occurred in the past

  • Allergies Epilepsy

  • Diabetes Haemophilia

  • High/low blood pressure

  • Heart condition  

  • HIV/Hepatitis

  • Skin conditions such as psoriasis

  • Are you, or do you suspect that you are pregnant?  

  • Are you currently taking any blood thinning medication? (blood thinning medication can slow down the healing                 process, leaving you more at risk and susceptible to infection)

  • Are you currently taking steroids?

  • Are you currently taking antihistamines?

We may ask for a request written confirmation form your GP or consultant acknowledging the condition and confirming that body piercing may be undertaken for the above

If you are unable to do this or we have any doubts, the piercing will not be performed

We do not pierce other parts of the body such as the eyebrow, lip or belly button for various safety reasons and because there is a greater risk of infection in these areas

We will NOT perform this treatment if you appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol

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