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Client Testimonials 

I'm always grateful for your reviews and testimonials 

Due to the nature of my business, especially bereavement and counselling ,  most clients like to leave anonymous reviews 
The public reviews can be found on on my Facebook or google page
Thank you


Mental Health
Coffee and Natter Session)

Rusty thank you so much for the Coffee and Natter session. It was all just getting too much.  I've not laughed in 3 weeks.  You put a smile on my face, have given me the pointers to help. I will now shake my tassels as promised!!. 

I feel i have proper direction and am looking for that new job. In the mean time i will do my breathing exercises and say F** it a lot. lol. 

Update I - Thanks for the text on the first day of my New Job.  Its been ok this morning, think its the right move xxxxx

Update II - Im so much happier, thanks for all your support over the last few weeks.  x x x 


I’ve been handed your information from a very good friend of mine, to whom you have helped many times and I’m praying you can do the same for me. I’m struggling really badly with anxiety and stress at the minute regarding work and personal life and I don’t know which way to turn. I need help managing my thought processes and believe you could help me. Hope to hear from you soon

Update I - Thank for talking to me over the phone and i feel so much better after a good cry and hearing from you. Youre a great listener and i cant wit to meet you on thursday


Thanks for last night it was really nice. The massage did my shoulders good.


(After suffering from neck pain)   Neck Pain, What neck pain !!  Rusty is a lovely, lovely lady. Very attentive and caring. 

I can thoroughly recommend her.


Thank you!! My Classic Body massage was brilliant, felt amazing after!! Thanks again xx


Thank you so much. Heaven sent healing hands that money can not buy. You're the best and hope to be a regular, if you can fit me into your schedule. When you're famous doing Indian Head Massages for the rich I famous I can say "I knew her when".  Thanks again, you truly are the best!!

 I cannot recommend the pregnancy massage and foot treatment enough! Fabulous service and fabulous lady Can’t wait to book in again!!

Reiki and other things 

Reiki treatment worked a dream, more at ease after last weeks car accident. Thank you xxx


Wondered if at some point we could do some more Angel reiki together - the work you did with me last summer was so supportive and quite frankly, transformational, that I would like to try some more please. You were a very strong 'bridge' for the connection, and the similarities in our feedbacks were astonishing. ALSO very keen to learn about the Angel attunements. Let me know if you have some time. Cheers


Eternal Aquarius needs an award. sorted me out again!


Thank you that was beautiful. You are truly passionate and honest about what you do and it shows.


The reiki was lovely and has also given me something to think about. I shall look forward to seeing you again. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


I had a session of reiki therapy.  the service, quality and atmosphere for the treatment was excellent.  This lady takes the time to make me feel welcome and relaxed


It was a beautiful attunement and I loved it. I have your site bookmarked



Doing all these attunements has definitely been a good decision. It is stirring up a lot of things to be release and work through, and my energy field has really shifted. Also the clarity and ease with my communication with the angels is much improved.

Probably isn't a coincidence that I am in transition with a lot of life situations, haha.


Thank you for today's Reiki Treatment Rusty.  It was the best experience ever. I cant stop talking about it .  I can't wait to see you again


Just wanted to say a big thank you for last night rusty.
I feel lighter and brighter this morning which is a lovely feeling.
So, a big Big thanks for all your time you gave to me.

Hopi Ear Candling

I had a look at Hopi Ear Candling on the internet last night and there are some really good reviews, So I came along to give it a go!  Fantastic!

Thanks so much for coming over last night with your hopi Ear Candles. My parents both thoroughly enjoyed it! I think you have opened my dad’s eyes (as well as his ear canal) to other things! 


Had Hopi Ear Candling, really didn't know what to expect at all...

Was a wonderful experience, relaxing, uplifting & most all my ears now feel like they've had a jolly good douche! Will be booking in for Hopi Ear Candling again without a doubt & will be having Indian head massage to compliment it too. 

This lady is an excellent practitioner of holistic therapy, highly recommended


I cant believe the difference the Hopi Ear Candling treatment has made. Its incredible. I cant thank you enough. I slept like a log last night too, I've never slept that well. 


Wow we're both over the moon with the Hopi Ear Candling treatment.

J loved meeting you and is already recommending you . Have a lovely Easter x x x x 

Soul Enlightenment Workshop

Just to say thank you for the workshop on Sunday.   I really enjoyed it, everyone else did to I think!


What a lovely group we had and the subjects you covered were very interesting.  

I came away with so much to think about and more knowledge to put into practice.    

What was so nice, was having 'hands on experience' and you to guide us through it!


So looking forward to the next workshop you arrange and of course, to resuming Meditation classes in January.

Once again many thanks, hope you have a lovely Christmas.


It was fab thank you for a great afternoon looking forward to some more workshops xx

Thank you! It was just fabulous. Bought some crystals as soon as I got in xx


Rusty thank you so much,It was a fantastic afternoon


It was brilliant. Really enjoyed the workshop

The Little Angel Workshop

Would recommend this wonderful workshop to everyone. With the Beautiful Rusty.

What an amazing day u will meet all the Angels. Money well spent guys 


Totally Blew my mind. What an absolutely fantastic day


Incredible meditation and connection 


That was a fascinating day, i learnt so much


I enjoyed it so much Im doing it again, the colours and feelings i felt and saw, were amazing

Spiritual Awareness Course 

Have recently undertaken a spiritual awareness course with Rusty, would highly recommend as she is incredibly knowledgeable, kind and creates a safe and secure learning space to explore in a fun and memorable way. Looking forward to continuing this journey with her

Pamper Parties

Thank you so so much for helping me raise money for the Anthony Nolan Trust tonight at the pamper n prosseco night.  It was amazing thanks to this amazing lady for the relaxing massages 

Thank you,  for the most amazing massage xxx

Last night a group of us descended upon Eternal Aquarius for a Pamper Party and I cannot recommend Rusty more. She kindly allowed us to put banners up for a birthday celebration and we took drinks and nibbles. We had a wonderful night. The treatments were wonderful. Rusty is so lovely, if your looking for something similar don't look any further. It was all wonderful highly recommended. Thank you Rusty xx

Beginners Meditation Classes

Meditation is brilliant - All achieved by your wonderful guidance 

Came across the course by chance and decided to give it a go. Glad i did, It has helped me relax and I got more into it as the weeks went by. I thought it was excellent value for money

Thank you for such a wonderful 10 weeks, you have truley opened my eyes up to the world of meditation

For us Men there certainly is a stigma with Depression PTSD etc

However this is being changed by the day, you have certainly helped me which im very thankful for 

I loved this course and am keen to do another soon or carry on!


Friends queuing to come to "bring friends weeks"

Many many thanks. Have just loved the whole time spent with you & fellow classmates 


You are a lovely bubbly, happy person and its a privileged to have met you


i just tried......going to take some practice need the lovely energy of my fellow meditators and your calming voice!!!!!!! 

I know im missing it, tried to keep my hour last night - it wasnt the same


Your a wonderful teacher and without your help I doubt id have found the path, let alone walked along it a little way.  Thank you 


A very useful and well structured Course, teacher terrific, Feel terrific Thank you 


I have really enjoyed it and have learnt a lot. The breathing has helped me in my life living with depression


Thank you very much, you have taught me how to relax more !!


I started here with panic attacks and depression. i cannot thank you enough. Just brilliant, keep up the wonderful work. 


Thanks for making me relax and enjoy life again


I found the course thoroughly enjoyable and it enabled me to get back to meditating again and putting me on my journey


Thank you so much , its been wonderful. Really enjoyed the 10 weeks and am thinking of joining the Monday group and hope i can start to meditate properly at home


I couldn't meditate or visualise at all before the course. It has enabled me to do so


I wasn't sure what to expect but i have thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt some new relaxation tools. Thank you very much. Exceeded my expectations - Absolutely Fab


Felt Thoroughly relaxed after every session and slept well, Have been able to do techniques at

work in stressful situations


Loved the Class! Felt I have come on lots and find it a lot easier to relax. im surprised how far I have come! Thankyou !  


Just wanted to say a massive thank you. Tuesday nights are really special and i look forward to a bit of time for me. Its been a hard few months as im battling post natal depression and trying to adjust tablets and build my life back.


A few months ago, i couldn't leave the house but now, after a few deep breaths and a bit of a wander along a long beach, I get out every day and things are slowly getting better x x so thank you again x x


I walk in feeling like and owl and walk out feeling like a giraffe!


I started a journey of uncertainties, but the 1st chapter has ended. At one stage didn't think I could carry on, had a rocky moment, but within my moments,  she helped me pull out my strength


I’ve masked it well for months but, until it takes a tumble………This lady is remarkable, in the hints she gives for finding right path, Or even leads you too it.

I can't wait to step up a notch, to see where we go


This Meditation class is just wonderful!  I have met some lovely friends, Rusty being one of them. A great way to have some 'me time'


Wonderful - LOVED IT!  Had a real positive effect on me in all aspects of my life. x Thank you x x


Absolutely loved the relaxation class. Can thoroughly recommend


My friend and boyfriend want to start. My friend could see the difference and i told her how much it helped. 

She said she would have come with me to start with if i had mentioned it. 

And then her boyfriend said he wanted to come along too. 

I really enjoy it, so just told her that, and how I've noticed a difference and she wanted to book on straight away 😊 x x


Feel I've been grounded in a way relaxed and able to deal with everyday issues / stresses


It really has been quite astonishingly lovely. Thanks rusty I've loved the lessons and look forward to carrying on


Strangely Addictive !! 


I would like to say thankyou to you and hope you never give up what you are doing,  as you give so much to us all


So after the 10 weeks meditation class and additional mentoring from Rusty (for life skills and other personal stuff) my life is back on track and i feel so much better.  thank you for all you do 


First session today at beginners class. Wow never knew you could feel so relaxed. Looking forward to the next 9 weeks. Thank you Rusty.


I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed the course, looking back at my journey - recorded to an extent in my own journal, with the gaps filled in by your hand-out - its amazing how much we covered and achieved over that 10 week period.  Thank you very much for making it varied and enjoyable.


Morning rusty, thank you so much for our first lesson last night. I really enjoyed it and came away feeling so relaxed and positive. I actually slept the deepest I have since having my children and even tho I had to wake up for my littlests feed I woke up feeling like I had good quality sleep.
Can't wait for next week xxxx


Hi Rusty. Really enjoyed last night. Was a little anxious to start as it all new. But I know this is the right way to continue my relaxation, wellbeing, meditation,yoga journey for the next stage of my life. Thank you


I really enjoyed the beginners Meditation course , I learnt a lot over the course , even though there is no cure for Tinnitus. Meditation helps me to push it into the background and get on with my life. You are a fab Teacher.  See you in a couple of weeks for my Hopi Ear Candling 


Thankyou for leaving your review

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