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Classes Courses & Workshops

Angel Workshop - the 7 Archangels

Angel Oracle Card Reading For Beginners 

Crystal Grid Workshop

Reiki Level I - IV Training Courses  

Soul Enlightenment Workshop

Spirit & Me - Spiritual Awareness 8 Week Course

Tarot Card Reading For Beginners Workshop

Tarot Card Reading Advanced Workshop

Vision To Life Workshop - Setting your goals

Witchcraft 101 Workshop

Which Witch Workshop

All tools and a manual are included

For full day workshops, please bring a packed lunch

All workshops unless otherwise stated

require a £15.00 non refundable deposit

To secure your place please

go to the Terms and Conditions page



The Little Angel Workshop

An informal, fun, practical and different way, to introduce you to the Archangels and Your Guardian Angels

Amongst other information, we will be covering the following:

To become more familiar and 

understanding the signs, when an Angel is around you 

Their Characteristics and Roles 

How to identify them 

How to work with them

Other signs that your Angels are present 

Communicating and connecting with your Angels

What and how, your Angels can assist you with during daily life

Two Guided Meditation to connect you with your Angelic Realm

If you’re interested in

and would like to learn more

about the Angelic Realm,  then this is a workshop you’re going to enjoy

Next Course date is 

Saturday 15th April 2023 

Time 10.00 am to 4.30 pm

£45.00 per person

Angel Oracle Card Workshop

For Beginners

Angel Oracle cards, are the easiest way to gain clear answers, especially if you are stressed, worried or sensitive to the energies, of this very complicated world

This workshop will guide you through the process of energetically choosing the best card deck for yourself, clearing and consecrating the cards, to mirror your own personal energy; as the Angels are here to help guide you, in all aspects of your life decisions

So if you’re  drawn to the wonderful world of Angel Oracle Cards, their meanings and how they resonate with you; then why not join us on this course, to start your Angel Oracle

Card Journey

Our resident Angel Lady, amongst other information, will be covering the following

The History

Connecting with your Angel deck - cleansing and closing

Your own reading

 Developing a close relationship with your Guardian Angel

And so much more

Leaving you, with a sense of empowerment and confidence, in your daily choices

An Angel Oracle Card Deck will be provided.  Although if you have your own deck please feel free to bring it along

Next  Course date is 

Saturday 22th April 2023 

Time 10.00 am to 4.30 pm

£45.00 per person 

Soul and Spirit

Crystal Grid Workshop For Beginners

Have Crystal Grids caught your interest?

Have you a desire to learn about them and use them ?
Then why not enjoy a day of practical discovery into

crystal grids, their properties

and how you can implement them into your life

Join Rusty at Eternal Aquarius For the Crystal Grid Workshop, For Beginners

Where amongst other information, she will be covering the following
What is a crystal grid
What is a crystal grid used for

How they work
Different types of crystal grids
Making your crystal grid
Crystal care
Special Crystal Grids formats and templates

Next course is 

Saturday 4th March 2023

Time 10.30 am to 4.30 pm

£35.00 per person 

Soul Enlightenment Workshop

This 1/2 day Taster Workshop, is, a light and fun few hours, designed to explore your other gifts and what lies beneath

An informal and practical workshop,  where you will learn and understand, more about:

Your Energy
Your Aura
Your Chakra's
Reiki Energy
How to work with a Pendulum and Crystals
And use Angel Cards
Whilst having fun and a few giggles too

Next 1/2 Day workshop is 

Sunday 19th February 2023 

Time 13.00 am to 16.30 pm

£30.00 per person 

Spiritual Awareness - 8 Week Course 

I believe we all have gifts, it’s just a case of finding out what yours are and developing them 

This 8 week course, is for those who wish to have an understanding of  

how we can connect with our Spirit teams and loved ones

So if you feel you're a little different, or know there's something more, believe that you may have an intuition but unsure what to do with it. You may even have a curiosity, have felt or seen something, then why not try this course.

it will give you the beginners tools,  understanding and most of all,  a safe place to ask questions with people just like you 

Amongst many other things, here are a few areas we will be covering:

Our space and respect 

Auras, Chakras and Our Energy


The 8 Clair's

Different types of Mediumship  

Who are our Spirit teams

Their Energy and recognising their traits

Angel Cards and other tools 

and as i mentioned , much more 

So why not let your Spirit team join you on this journey 

An 8 week course for Beginners. Designed to allow you,  to delve into working with spirit and seeing what works for you 

Next course is

Wednesday 22nd March 2023 

Time 8.00 pm to 9.30 pm 

£ 55.00 per person

A £20.00 Non-refundable Deposit

secures you're place on the course

We sell


Dowsing Pendulums

Incense & Incense holders

Meditation CD's & Mp3's 

Spiritual Awareness Course at EternalAquarius.JPG
Crystal Grid Workshop at Eternal Aquarius

For Reiki 

Please go to

Reiki and Crystals Page 

Vision To Life Workshop

Many people, myself included, take time at the beginning of the year to set our goals for the coming year.

Perhaps you do the same?

However by the time we get to the end of February or later, even with our best intentions, we’ve lost momentum and real focus

So how would you like to re-start your year on the right path, by Creating a Vision Board ?

Did you know , the more you focus on the things you want, the more time you spend paying attention to your purpose, the more you draw your desired items and experiences into your life

So, what would you like for your life?             How would it feel to have a clearer vision?

Well let me help you and join me for this Vision Board Workshop

where you’ll:

Allow yourself to dream and explore
See us setting our individual intentions, our objectives
Maybe making some lifestyle changes
Carving out new opportunities, for the year ahead
Gaining clarity about what’s most important to you
Identify the things you want, experiences you desire, and people, situations and feelings you want to manifest
Goal setting and or focusing on new perspectives
And Creating your own Vision Board to keep you focused on the things you want

Time and space to concentrate on yourself and your dreams (how often do you do that?)

 What you need to move forward, with what you are wishing to achieve

Teaching you to focus on your goals
A new sense of passion and purpose
A new level of authenticity & alignment

Guidance, coaching and assistance
Lots of laughter and fun

All the materials and pointers you’ll need to create your Vision Board
As well as defining realistic timescales using a Vision Board, to support and keep YOU focused

Giving you 

The opportunity to see your year ahead in a "unique to you," visual format
Providing you a constant, visual, reminder
The inspiration and clarity to make your year of focus. Seeing your Goals, Ideals, your Intentions clearly set out in glorious technicolor

Next course is 

Saturday February 4th 2023

10.30 pm to 4.30 pm 

£45.00  per person

Vision Board Workshop at Eternal Aquarius .JPG
Crystal healing at Eternal Aquarius.jpg

Discover Your Inner Witch

The Which Witch Workshop 

Do you feel drawn to the craft?

Are you a Lunar Witch, Kitchen Witch, a Hedge Witch, a Druid, a Pagan, a combination or unsure?

Maybe you’re Craft Curious and wish to try or sample the different forms of witchcraft ?

Why not combine your own personal and individual magical energy with

essential oils

herbs, food

and everyday objects to create their spells

rituals, and magic

ceremonies and rituals are practices that they hold in especially high regard. Ceremonial magic is worked into most of the elements of their practice. They likely work a ritual or ceremony into whatever they’re casting or trying to accomplish.

Or learn a little more when following  the planets and star alignment to base their spells and rituals  help with you practice

So if you’re drawn to the wonderful world of Witchraft, its meanings and how it resonates with you; then why not join us, on this course.

And join Sophie Taylor at Eternal Aquarius

For the Which Witch Workshop

Amongst other information, she will be covering the following

Witchery health and safety


Simple spells

And so much more


Next course is 

Saturday May 13th 2023

Time: 10.30 am - 4.30 pm

 £35.00 per person

Tarot at Eternal Aquarius-Deck.jpg
Advanced Tarot Card Workshop at Eternal Aquarius.jpg

Witchcraft 101 Workshop

Have you ever wanted to know how to craft a spell?

Confused as to what herbs, candles and crystals to use?

At which time of the lunar month?

It’s time to get crafting and learn exactly how to make your own custom built spell!

The secrets behind the building blocks of spell crafting have seemed slightly out of reach for non-witches for many moons! And, contrary to popular belief, there is a method and a recipe you can use time and time again to create your own magic

Sophie-Taylor is your friendly neighbourhood witch

and will take you through the journey of how to start spell crafting for yourself - no eye of newt required!

So if you’re reading the post or have been drawn to the wonderful world of Witchcraft, its meanings and how it fits with your everyday life, then why not join us, on this course, to start your insightful journey!


And join Sophie Taylor at Eternal Aquarius

For the Witchcraft 101 Workshop, For Beginners


Amongst other information

she will be covering the following

The History of witchcraft
The foundations of spell craft
All the ingredients needed for your recipe
Creating your own unique spell
And so much more

Next Course Is

Saturday March 4th 2023

Time: 10.30 am - 4.30 pm

Price £35.00

Tarot Card Reading Workshop For Beginners

`It’s time to dispel the myths

Tarot within some people’s perception or the wider world, can sometimes be regarded as the occult. However, as with Oracle cards, healing cards and other divination tools, it has a history that’s not widely known

A history that may come as a surprise to you, as it follows the fool on a journey. A journey that we all go on, through this life, on the earth plane

So if you have been drawn to the wonderful world of tarot, its meanings and how it resonates with you; then why not join us, on this course, to start your tarot journey

Amongst other information, she will be covering the following

The History and myths

Mindfulness of energy – spiritual health and safety

Connecting with deck - cleansing and closing

Simple spreads

And so much more

All other tools, including a tarot card deck will be provided. Although if you have your own deck please feel free to bring it along

Next Course is

Saturday February 4th 2023

 Time 10.30 am - 4.30 pm

 £35.00 per person

Advanced Tarot Card Reading Workshop

For those that have already participated, in the Beginners Tarot Card Reading Workshop

or have a stronger knowledge of their Tarot deck,

but would like additional guidance

We have the perfect work shop for you, A workshop that will aid your advanced Tarot card journey

Join Sophie-Taylor here at Eternal Aquarius

for the Advanced Tarot Card Reading Workshop

Amongst other information, she will be covering the


Development catch-up

Verifying your connection with your deck
Inverted Readings
Advanced Spreads
Using Tarot cards in conjunction with spell work

 Other Tarot tools
And more
Q & A

All other tools, including a tarot card deck will be provided

 Although if you now have your own deck

please bring it along

Next Course is

Saturday April 1st 2023

Time: 10.30 am - 4.30 pm

£35.00 Per Person

tarot card reading workshop for beginners at Eternal Aquarius .jpg


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