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My journey and how it all started

Updated: Mar 30

As i mentioned in my last blog about business and boundaries. I also need to cover why For that, I'd like to talk about my journey - After all, my qualifications didnt happen overnight

Also, we don't always recognise how far we've come, until we look back. Which is why i ask my students to keep a journal. I do and that's how i can write this This perspective of "How did i start and Why do i do what i do? " From Teaching Reiki, to Holistic Therapies. From Meditation to Grief and Bereavement Counselling, may give you an insight

For that, I have to go back to where it all started. Saturday March 3rd 2007. A day I will never forget. The day my life path took an enormous turn. And blimey, what a journey its been and still (thankfully) on going.

But let me tell you, it started a few months prior to that, as i was going though a personal upheaval. This upheaval, which left me in a place of unsurety, doubt and to be honest, a little lost in the world. Where was i going? what was i doing? A friend of mine invited me to a Mind Body and Spirit Event. I'd never heard of one. Had no idea what it was going to be about either. Back then, they were few and far between. However, clearly i agreed to go.

This is an extract from her email to me

....Anyway, BSSK is in Newark, only 10 mins drive and starts at 10am so if you want to come over as early as you like we can have a coffee and a quick catch up before we go...thought this talk might be worth a listen on Saturday under the circumstances ......

11.00  No strings attached - with the help of your Angels - Bev Lewis - Solana

In this interactive discussion, Bev will demonstrate how Angels can help you stay energetically healthy using a wonderful and simple daily Angel Healing technique - 'No Strings Attached'. Whenever we enter a relationship, on any level, whether with a parent or partner, a shopkeeper, with a situation or even a place, energetic 'strings' of attachment are created. Calling on the help of Archangel Michael you will be guided in cutting any unnecessary cords which may have been draining you of energy. We will then call upon Archangel Raphael to shine his healing light on both ends of the cords, completing the healing. We will then place an Angel Aura Shield which will seal your healing and protect you from further energy loss.

........Would quite like to go to that one I think, I suspect we would both benefit.

During this talk there was a super meditation. Where my whole world changed.

In the inevitable words of Bridget Jones "that was it ........ that was the moment " My new journey began

And this is what followed

April 2007 Angelic Attunements and Workshops

August 2007 to April 2008 Reiki Training

April 2008 Indian Head Massage

May 2008 Oriental hand and arm massage

July 2008 Hopi Ear Candling & Thai Foot Massage

August 2008 Swedish Body Massage

Oct 2010 Hot and Cold Stone Massage

July 2012  Started sitting in spiritual circle

August 2012 Meditation Teacher

August 2013 I joined another spiritual circle

May 2014 I joined a new spiritual circle , where ive stayed ever since

May 2016 Ear piercing

July 2017 Emm-Tech Therapy

August 2019 Crystal Healing

August 2019 Crystal properties and grids

August 2019 Crystal Card Healing

Sept 2019 Baby Massage Instructor

June 2022 Grief and Bereavement counsellor

August 2022 Trance Mediumship

................and I've got 5 more in the pipe line

In between all this I've 2 Ring binders fully of different Energy /other reiki/spiritual/Angel modalities

And that's how it started. It then spiraled with me wanting to learn more . The more i learnt, the more i wanted to continued to learn, one thing automatically lead to another These are my qualifying dates. Id be learning a few of them at the same time, as some take longer than others, to qualify in

I've traveled far and wide (no online training) to get these qualifications. Manchester, Lincoln, Blackburn, Warwick to name a few. Constant nights and weekends, using free time and holiday leave, to study and train. To me it's been fun

I've trained hard, spent a lot of money, whilst also holding down a full time job up to 2018. Where my knowledge has grown over years, of learning and much practice, practice, practice .

In between all that, Ive written courses, built my own websites, a business and continued my spiritual path growing my mediumship. to name a few (yup there so much more- this is just the highlights)

Ooh yes...... and life things, like births marriages deaths, cleaning, shopping, getting a little sleep - a pandemic - the usual! So i think ive put in quite a bit of work really. (i use the term work loosely, if you love what you do , you dont actually work!)

Why do i do what i do?

I love it! On this path i know i've helped a lot of people

I also know, I've saved a few lives

I'm blooming proud of what I've achieved

I'm blooming happy and long may it continue

So when i set my boundaries, its because ive got things to do and learn. The therapies i do, come with a vast amount of experience. My time is certainly not free.

I hope this answers a few questions from my last blog about .... business and boundaries and why?

Whatever path you're on PLEASE KEEP GOING.

And REMEMBER some of the best things happen after a storm!

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