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Celebrating Life during a loss

Updated: Feb 23

When experiencing the loss of a loved one. There are actually some super memories that can be made. Sound odd? Let me explain….

When we organise the “send off” for our loved ones, it enables us to express, bring up personal memories, laugh about, as well as cry about their lives, traits and personalities

As we grieve afterwards, we can find comfort and laughter through the tears, and memories

Just as in life

For instance, at my mom’s funeral we the family, all wore red shoes. It was for a reason. It gave us strength, as well as an almighty giggle

We also played the theme tune, from the radio programme, “The Archers” at the service. To which there was also an outbreak of laughter, some clearly through the tears and probably some emotional confusion, from some of the attendees. If we’d have had longer, the “can can” dance would probably have been played too!

I can honestly look back with a super smile on my face, at moms funeral. It gives me happy memories.

These override and now take over, from what could have been a final memory of: Finding out about her passing, the shock, mayhem, phones calls, questions, decisions legal stuff and bloody stupid inconsiderate people.

Recently, Im aware of a funeral, where all the family wore sparkly green outfits. And ..They the Aunties, also found the strength to carry the coffin and lead the funeral procession, into the service.

What a memory and send off. Extremely hard but definitely one, where they can be super super proud

If you’re coming to my funeral, It will be around Halloween/Bonfire night (just keep me in the freezer for a while, in case its sooner or later) Build a big bonfire around me, with fireworks going off. Shouting whoo hooo at the top of your voices

- Naughty spelling in sparklers is a must

- Prosecco drunk out of the bottle

- Pink tutus, fancy dress, shaking your pendulums, tassels and tic tacs, will also be appropriate.

- Backing track music. Maroon 5, Westlife, Sweedish house mafia, all trance dance music and glow sticks. For I will be there making sure!

If you don’t understand why, you clearly don’t know me

Please talk about funerals and loss. For these memories, are part, of your Grief and Bereavement journey. It really is, a Celebration of Life

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