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De-clutter your life

De-cluttering all aspects of your life, really is freeing.

We all need a good "clear out" from time to time. Its super for the soul.

This isn't always about a "Spring Clean," around your home, although that's a bonus

It's looking at all other aspects of your life too.

From, setting boundaries, saying no, to limiting time spent with toxic people and really concentrating on what makes you happy

2023 i set myself a goal, to de-clutter everything in my life, starting with my home. (and all year to do it)

Really simplifying my life and whats in it. Shifting everything back to basics

Less decisions to make

less to wash and clean

Time for what i want to do

I did really well. But its not easy. believe me ive had my ups and downs. Some things i could be ruthless with, some things i was sentimental about. But all in all, I'm really pleased with myself and feel so much lighter.

How and Why?

I dont need stuff! And mainly for ease. To give me back time, to do what i wanted to do. Less clutter =Less cleaning.

Less clothes - I did a serious downsize in this area I wear a uniform for my therapy business, then its into pjs afterwards. If and when i do go out, ive got 8 dresses, with 4 floaty jackets, which i can mix and match, with my 4 handbags and 4 pairs of shoes. I've now only got 1 wardrobe containing everything!

I downsized my dining room table, from a 6 seater to a 4 seater. The sale of the table bought me new shelving for a cupboard in my therapy room. i dont have to pull the table out, to clean now Its so much easier

Would a de-clutter work for you ?

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